TV Tech Roundup: 200-inch Touchscreen TV, YouTube Roadmap, and Wall-Mounted Soundbar by Bose

On the bill today:  wall-mounted soundbar from Bose, touchscreen TV, and what YouTube has been up to.

If there is a day and the week to talk about new TV technology products and trends, today is the one. Just two days after the close of Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vergas, your correspondent has so many TV tech news to share, it will take more than one missive to cover it all.

So let’s get into it.

TablerTV: 200-Inch 8K Touchscreen TV Previewed on CES 2016

This enormously large TV stands at 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall and is 16 feet (5 meters) wide, features 8K resolution display and an innovative Multi-Touch sensor. It’s 425 times larger than an iPad.

Whether you were looking for an enormously large TV for a luxury home, a quality display for a retail location or a large screen for running effective business meetings, the new TablerTV will be able to fulfill all these needs. Those who have encountered this gigantic display firsthand report on their experience as being truly immersive. After all, isn’t the whole evolution of TV technology about providing the viewer with a sense of being in the middle of the action, be it a video game, a concert, a movie, or a sports game? TablerTV will take carry this torch to the whole new place.

Any picture or document can be pinned and zoomed, and the user can add annotation anywhere on the TV wall.

Read more here:
TablerTV: 200-Inch 8K Touchscreen TV Previewed on CES 2016

YouTube to Add Support for HDR and 360-Degree Video

The keynote presentation was delivered by the YouTube executive Robert Kyncl who announced that the popular video streaming platform will in the future support high-dynemic range (HDR) video as well as 360-degree video. He made a statement that by the end of this decade digital video will become the primary way people consume video content and leave traditional TV technologies in the dust.

Here at TV Installation Toronto, we can certainly see the trends and the changing consumer habits and preferences. My Kyncl’s statement is hard to argue with. However, we think that the assault of digital services will not replace the TV set as the main way people get their news, sports, and entertainment. However, the customer base of cable TV companies will continue to deteriorate.

To learn more about YouTube’s roadmap, follow this link:

YouTube Exec Talks HDR and 360-Degree Video at CES

Bose Solo 5 Wall-Mounted Soundbar Review

Bose is the company that is known for being able to extract a lot of sound from a small speaker.  They design products that are easy and fun to use. According to the professional product review experts from the UK, this wall-mounted soundbar from Bose delivers on the ergonomics but fails to raise the bar (the pun is intended) when it comes to the sound quality.

So, is Solo 5 worth the $300 you are asked to pay on eBay? Probably. It’s quite a bit less what you’d have to pay retail for Solo 15, the new version of the same speaker. However, don’t make a rush decision. Read this review first:

Bose Solo 5 review