TV Tech Update #9 – Do You Crave or Do You Netflix? Plus a new on-the-fly 4K converter

Say what you want but competition is the best thing that can happen to us consumers. While the big boys duke it out in the marketplace, we regular mortals get to benefit from product offerings that are rapidly expanding and the prices that are (usually) rapidly falling.

Remember Blockbuster with all their stores everywhere and late fees that would impose on your if your were a minute late returning their DVD? When Netflix came to Canada, all those stores disappeared so fast like that last snow on a warm sunny day in late March.

So Netflix did a great job or changing the way to get the movie content out. The question only was, how long would it take for the big boys to come out with a similar service?

Now we have the answer… it’s four years.

Enter CraveTV. The Netflix-like TV streaming service from Bell that is going to compete for the market share with Netflix and others.

Others, you ask?

Abso-TV-llutely! How about Shomi, a similar service pushed together by Shaw? Don’t you see how things are getting super-hot in the TV biz?

If you already have Netflix or are thinking of getting it, you might be wondering why you would want CraveTV. One reason could be the price: As affordable as Netflix is at $8 a month,CraveTV is actually half the price of Netflix, coming in at just $4 per month. Then it is up to you to check out which of these services will carry  YOUR favourite TV shows and movies.

An interesting feature of Crave is that they will pre-release certain Canadian TV series’ episodes the day before the live launch. Also, They will update their gallery weekly and add a new big hit series every month. As for any big Seinfeld fans, CraveTV will be the only one with the right to broadcast the comedy classic.

Given how some shows are only available on Netflix which others are only available on CraveTV, you may consider getting both. It’s really not that expensive.

There is also good news for any current 4K TV owners because there is now a very capable video converter that can convert content to 4K streaming on multiple networks. If you have been looking a product like this I would highly recommend checking out the Apantac Tahoma hybrid multiviewer.

Also, if you don’t have a 4K TV and are looking to get something spectacular without being too worried about the price tag, Sony has a great TV for you. It is the Sony X950B 4K TV and it is absolutely stunning and worth taking a quick look. There are also lower-end models that are much more affordable while still providing a great viewing experience.

Well, there you have it. We are going to keep with TV tech update short. After all, we have more TV sets to wall mount.

Bottom line: Netflix is great, of course. And so it CraveTV.

So go ye watch some old episodes of The Dragon’s Den (when are they going to add some of the new-er seasons already?) and I’ll speak with you again in a few days.