TV Tech Update #7 – 2020 Olympics to Be Streamed Over Super 8K, WSJ Pipes In on the State of the 4K

Welcome back to TV Installation Toronto’s TV Technology Update, where we provide you with the latest news and information about the latest TV technologies and trends. This time we have found articles relating to mind-bottling TV technology for the 2020 Olympic games, as well as some good news for anyone looking to get a 4K TV.

The 2020 Olympic games will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan, which is quite fitting with all the new and innovative technologies Japan is trying to introduce to the TV market. NHK, a Japanese broadcaster, is planning to stream the whole event in Super 8K, twice as sharp as the already impressive 4K streaming that is starting to hit the market now. They are also working on technology that displays holographic images that viewers can actually feel, as well as microphones that focus in on any sound that is picked up around the stadium. This is truly revolutionary thinking and the full article can be found on I strongly recommend checking out the video found on the article’s web page.

There is also good news for anyone that wants to upgrade their standard HD TV to a 4K Ultra HD TV. Vizio just came out with a new 4K TV that only costs $1000! This is much cheaper than the usual two or three thousand dollar price tag that may come with a 4K TV. However, as described in an article from Wall Street Journal, there are some bugs that need to be fixed on this particular TV, so I would not recommend buying it just yet. That being said, Vizio is going to attempt to fix the bugs soon, so this TV might be a good buy in the near future. Also, this is a good sign that 4K TV prices are going to drop in the near future to something that is more reasonable for the common home owner.

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