TV Tech Update #6 – Golf in 4K, Samsung TVs for Business Signage, and How to Say Bye-Bye to Your Cable Provider

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The first interesting article that we found was about another small step that broadcasters are taking to stream 4K content to people’s homes. At the Ryder Cup (professional golf tournament), Sky Sports actually gave viewers a small sample size of 4K broadcasting. They didn’t stream the whole event in 4K, but they did show certain holes. This is just another step forward for the future of 4K TV’s and 4K streaming. For those of you that are anxious to get a 4K TV or already have one, you just need a little more patience before 4K broadcasting is up to date with the technology.

Usually, we provide articles that help residential TV owners, but for any of you small business owners that have thought about getting advertising signs for your store or workplace, Samsung has now made a TV that is used primarily for that purpose. The Samsung SMART Signage TV is a TV that doubles as an eye catching sign on which you can put customizable graphics and designs. Read about all the benefits on

I came across this article in the Chicago Tribune that talked about cutting the cord from your cable provider and installing an HD antenna. I then did a little bit of research to find another article on this topic around the Toronto area. That’s when I found a piece from The Star that talked about the very same topic. Although it was from 2011, everything it says is still relevant if not even more relevant now. If you have been thinking of drastically cutting your TV costs then I strongly suggest reading the full article. This is best for anybody that is either a casual TV viewer or is already a fairly avid online TV user. For a reasonable one-time cost, you can cut your TV bill by hundreds of dollars per year. Whether you think this is a good idea or not, I think the financial benefits alone provide enough reason to at least read through the article.

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