TV Tech Update #11 – Fed Up With Your Cable Cost? Well, Check Out These TV Streaming Options

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If you are someone that is getting fed up with your cable costs, you might be looking into various TV streaming devices. A Yahoo article reviewed which TV streaming devices they thought were the best on the market. The most versatile device was by far the Roku streaming stick. It provides a plethora of different channels, as well as streaming services like Crackle and Netflix. It also lets you mirror content from your handheld devices to your TV. Roku is probably the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to content and versatility. They also went over other devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV. One big service that they didn’t cover is Android TV, which is coming out soon and is one that you might want to look in to.

For any Netflix users that are looking into buying a 4K TV and want to know what content they can get in actual 4K streaming, all you need to do is go to your Netflix and type in Ultra HD in to your search bar and it will show the titles available for 4K streaming. This service is $12 a month and right now it only offers Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Marco Polo, Ghostbusters, Jerry Maguire, and four titles that show you different wildlife (probably to show off how good your 4K looks).

If you haven’t heard of CraveTV or Shomi, this article will give you all you need to know. They are streaming services similar to Netflix but they offer different content. The largest downside to both is that for Crave you need to be signed up with Bell (or another affiliated network) and for Shomi you have to be subscribed to Rogers. To figure out which one you want, simply check both of them out and see what content you prefer. Notable titles from both are Sopranos, The Wire, and Seinfeld for Crave and Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, and The Americans for Shomi. They are both mostly suited for shows but they offer some movies also. If you are not subscribed to the network provider that offers the service that you want, as this article so eloquently put, you may have to find a friend to swap login information with.

Thanks again for tuning in to TV Technology Update, I hope you found a streaming service that might be just right for you. Don’t hesitate to call TV Installation Toronto at [phone] if you need your TV installed, sound system calibrated, or your entire home theatre set-up. We get the job done quickly and properly to save you the hassle.