Netflix, How-to Guide to Better Picture Quality, and Next-Gen PVR

Today: Netflix is taking over Canada by storm (and more TV tech updates).

Welcome to another issue of our TV Tech Round-up. These are short summaries of some of the tech news highlighting new TV technologies and trends. If you wanted to know where the innovation is taking your TV, this is the place to find out.

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First up, an article from TechRadar that every avid TV viewer should find useful. It’s a 14-step guide to setting up your TV for the best picture quality. It states that most TV brands do not preset their TV’s well for their consumer. From something as simple as setting up the right connection on the cables, to something more advanced like the right amount of contrast, colours, or picture processing  on your TV, this guide gives you instruction for every single step. Read the full article at

Next, let’s take a look at an alternative to PVR for your television. It is a program called Perception which lets you stream shows that are being offered to mobile operators. The service can be used on your mobile device but it is best on your smart TV where you can still enjoy the full viewing experience. Perception lets you access whatever TV stations the operator has license to use and it allows you to record and access content at your on time. This platform truly makes PVR look out-dated. Read the article here or at

And lastly, have you been wondering just how fast Netflix was growing in Canada? Well, now you know. Turns out a third of English-speaking Canadians are subscribed to Netflix. Another increasing trend is the number of Smart TV owners among English-speaking Canadians. Thirty percent of Anglophones in Canada have a Smart TV. You can read the full article on

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