TV Installer: How to Choose Yours (Should Be Easy, Right?)

Hiring a TV installer should be easy, right? Any guy with a level and a screwdriver should be able to do that.

How hard can it be? You’re looking for a TV installer, not a rocket surgeon

Well, if you’ve ever done some work around the house you know by now that even the smallest jobs can be full of surprises you don’t foresee. Wall-mount TV installation is no exception.

The biggest challenge for a TV installer is that they can’t see inside the wall. They won’t know for sure what’s behind it until they drill a hole and open it.

A special concern present situations where a TV needs to go above a fireplace, in the corner, or on a wall that’s too flimsy. A good TV installer will ask you the right questions to see if your configuration is likely to present challenges.

If just asking you a few questions not enough, a good TV installer may request that you to take a few pictures with your phone and email those to them. After all, you want to be confident in the price quoted to you. Just as much as they should be confident in the quote they’ve given you.

Some situations call for a licensed electrician. It is so important that everything gets done the right way and is up to code.

A good TV installer will be able to recognize potential problems early on and then give you guidance. They may not have the X-Ray vision. But they should have enough experience to foresee potential problems.

Should you hire the cheapest TV installer you can find?

So let’s talk about that.

There is no special license or certification required to become a TV installer. So anyone with a level and a screwdriver can hang their shingle out. Being the cheapest, they will almost invariably need to cut corners or they will lose money. The result of their work can range from unattractive to downright unsafe.

So many times have our TV installers got called in to fix someone else’s subpar workmanship. We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve seen big TV’s hung on tiny plastic clips. TV wall mounts just waiting to pop out of the wall. And full-motion TV brackets about to rip the wall open.

So ask yourself, can you risk this big TV coming down on the floor? Can you risk it hurting you, a child, a pet or anyone who might be near it?

And all that just because you wanted to save a little bit of money on your TV installer? It’s just not worth it.

If you later decide to sell your home or condo, and the TV installer you’d hired didn’t follow construction codes, your property may not pass the inspection. In fact, the inspector may “red tag” your wall mount and electrical work requiring you to address the situation immediately.

In the case of a fire, the insurance company may deny your claim if things were not done to code.

And if you are renting, the landlord may demand that you fix everything at the end of or during your lease. What was supposed to be way of saving some money will instantly turn into a money-suck.

So do your research. Talk to the TV installer you’re about to hire and see if they sound like they actually know what they are talking about.

You only install your TV once. So get the TV installer who’s going to do it right the first time.

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