TV Installation Talk: Weekly Round-up June 2nd-June 6th

Welcome back to TV Installation Toronto’s weekly round-up where we provide you with some brand new and interesting articles about the latest TV trends and technologies. Remember, if you need your TV installed, sound system set up, or your home theatre calibrated, call us at [phone] for a free consultation and quote.

Currently, there is a lot of excitement when it comes to 4K TV’s. The quality and sharpness of these TV’s is truly amazing but for some it doesn’t stop there. In Japan, they have now begun testing technology for broadcasting 8K content. In fact, public broadcaster NHK has already developed the technology for an 8K TV. Japan actually hopes to have all the everything ready by the time the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo roll around. To read more about 8K technology you can find the article on or you can click here.

The next article talks about whether technology is killing TV or actually making it better. What they mean by “killing” TV is that with brands such as Netflix and Crackle, there is less of a need for actual TV viewing. However, at the same time, people are more interactive than ever when it comes to watching their favourite shows or sporting events. Technology is providing both pros and cons for TV brands and stations. To read all about this topic you can visit or click here.

The next article features a Samsung Curved TV. It talks about the benefits of a curved TV like the 3-D feeling you get from the depth and perspective of the TV. However, the best part about this TV is that’s its also Ultra-HD. With all this talk about 4K TV’s and Curved TV’s, Samsung combined the best of both worlds and made a 4K Curved TV. To check it out you can go to or click here.

That’s all for our weekly round-up, I hope you guys found something that interests you. Remember that you can call TV Installation Toronto now for a free quote at [phone]. We can do any installation, no matter how simple or tricky for a great price. Thanks for reading and look for more upcoming articles in the following weeks.