Wall Mount for Tablets, Smart TV Viewership, and Curved TVs

Rejoice wall mount enthusiasts! You can not wall-mount a tablet! (And do tell us why you’d want to do that at home LOL!)

Here we will post articles that you might find interesting from the past week and give you a quick description of each one. Remember, if you need your TV installed, sound system set up, or your home theatre calibrated, call us at (647) 933-9722 for a free consultation and quote.

With the advent of Smart TVs, how are the TVs going to be used compared to other devices like computers, phones, and tablets? We now have the answer: Viewing is going up on these devices, especially for content that is streamed. However, this article from MultiChannel states that home TV sets are still used the most for viewing content, even more so if the person is watching something from home.

The next article we found had to do with a wall-mount setup. However, this wall-mount is a little different from the TV wall-mount we would install in your home. This is about a wall mountable tablet designed by Armodilo. It is an innovative do-it-yourself design that allows you to put any tablet that ranges from a 7” to a 12.25” screen up on your wall. To read more from digitaljournal.com click here.

The last article we want to share with you is one that talks about Curved TV’s. If you have read our previous posts, you may have already read about the benefits of a curved TV and how much of it is just hype. Well here is one benefit of a Curved TV that I don’t think anyone expected: It has therapeutic effects. Basically the curve is easier and more natural for the eyes because of our peripheral vision. If you want to know more, here’s a very thorough article from Forbes.

That is our weekly round up and I hope you found these articles interesting. Remember that you can call TV Installation Toronto now for a free quote and that we specialize in above fireplace or other difficult installations that some places won’t even do. So no matter what kind of setup you have, call (647) 933-9722 now.