Internet TV, Netflix Makes Movies, TV That Changes Based on Your Mood

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There has been an outburst in Internet TV viewing compared to conventional cable TV. In response to this, CBS is now working on making an original TV series specifically for Netflix. Since people are demanding new TV shows, CBS decided that they would meet the people’s demands, even if it is not streamed on one of their channels. This is a new concept that has yet to be tried by any network and will definitely benefit any animate Netflix user. The whole article can be seen on

The next thing that we’ve found is a quirky idea that also has a sort of dystopian feel to it. There is now a TV that changes the quality of its streaming based on its viewers mood. The new Smile TV will play bad reception until the person viewing it smiles, in which case it plays the content normally. This is only a fun little idea that someone came up with but it does make you think how scary advertising and subliminal messaging can become if people are made to watch TV in this way. The story can be seen on

The last thing we have found is a great review on a giant 65 inch Curved Ultra HD LED TV. This TV is by any standard, surprisingly striking and engaging, but to find out if the $5500 price tag that comes along with it is worth it, read the review from

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