Home Theatre and Surround Sound Installation (and Why You Should Use an Expert)

The trick to a successful home theatre installation is proper calibration of speakers — as well as the rest of your AV stack — to achieve a true surround sound experience.

This type of project is not something that an average handyman-type person should attempt to do. This work requires more than to know how to drill a hole in the wall and fish the wire.

Why Home Theatre Calibration Is Tricky

Sure, it’s important to have good speakers. However, the speaker by itself, however expensive, can only do so much. Its location and orientation in relation to your listening position are equally, if not more, important to achieving the best home theatre experience. So your listening position and the proper aiming of speaking is the first important aspect.

Next, you need to take into account how your audio system interacts with the walls, the furniture, windows and doors, and even the lighting fixtures in your room. Sound waves have a funny way of bouncing off of the things they come in contact with, which can change the sound picture for the listener in a dramatic and sometimes unpredictable way. All the money you spend on your high-end home theatre is all not naught if the setup and calibration have not been done properly.  Each room is unique and presents very unique challenges. A cookie-cutter approach very frequently produces results that are unsatisfactory.

A particular challenge represent subwoofers, especially when they are placed near a concrete of brick wall on one side (say, in a basement or inside an industrial building) and a drywall wall on the other. Then even though the setup may look symmetrical to the eye, the sound picture will be lopsided: Low-frequency sounds will easily pass through drywall and will bound off of concrete.

Our experienced TV installers have completed this type of projects in Toronto in GTA many times and know all the pitfalls that others just wouldn’t be aware of.

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