Super “Green” TV from China, Online Streaming Apps, and TV Watching Habits (TV Tech Roundup)

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Hisense, an electronics company from China has announced some of the technologies that they will be revealing in the New Year. Their biggest news: a 100 inch Laser Cinema TV which projects a 100 inch screen onto any wall from only 50 cm away. This is to go along with their efforts to “go green” as the projector will use 60 percent less energy than a LED TV of that size, while still providing a Full HD resolution picture. They also hinted that they will be introducing 4K Curved TV’s at a lower price than the current market. Soon, 4K TV’s are going to be in the budget for many more families.

To go along with some advances in TV technology, an article SmartCompany is Australia identified that some key TV trends are the increase in online streaming (including apps like Netflix), as well as that a large percentage of people still watch the news as appose to other devices. They also found that people are not substituting online streaming for regular TV watching but rather they are using internet streaming as a complimentary service to TV broadcasting. Also, most people still prefer to watch internet streamed movies or shows through their television. This trend is sure to keep up as 4K TV’s are going to continue growing in the market and give the viewer a much better viewing experience.

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