Smart TV in Every Home? How Internet-Enabled TV is Taking Over the World

16724485-smart-tv “Smart TV” is becoming a new popular trend in home entertainment. This Internet-enabled TV technology allows you to use your TV for multiple tasks, much like your smart phone.

Getting Started with Smart TV

You can now use your TV for social media, games and apps, and video streaming from Netflix and YouTube. Basically, it’s a cross between the old “regular” TV and a computer. Which is such a logical step in the evolution of this technology.

You can think of a TV that has a computer inside. Or, basically, it is a computer with the user interface simplified for a different screen. And now because it is a computer, you have access to so many new applications that you couldn’t run on TV before: browsers, live streaming, games and video calls. Who knew we’d be able to call a friend on Skype using our TV as the device for that action! And not this stuff is part of our everyday lives.

Most of these devices would work over WiFi. Some may require a dongle on will work via the Ethernet cable. However, it’s easy to see that WiFi is going to be the standard going forward and all the old and inconvenient options will get phased out very quickly.

AOL has¬†published an interesting article: A beginner’s guide to smart TVs.

If you are on the fence about Smart TV or want to know more about this technology we recommend you read this post. It explains in simple terms what “Smart TV” stands for and how it can improve your user experience. And it provides a review of several models to help you choose a Smart TV for your home or office.

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