Future Innovation in ‘Flexible TV’s’

You may have heard of flexible TV screens, or maybe you even thought of the idea yourself, but this futuristic concept is now a present day reality.

Two innovative companies, Plastic Logic and Novaled, have created a completely flexible LED plastic screen (called AMOLED screen). This lightweight and innovative design can be bent, flexed, and twisted while still performing its original purpose of displaying images.

We here at TV Installation Toronto try to stay abreast of the new trends and inventions. We like to think that our TV installers have done and seen everything there is to do and see. However, sometimes something comes along that blows even our minds.

For people that like technology to be portable, this screen can become a part of wardrobe. You can learn more about this innovative concept at this site that publishes articles of new TV technologies. Now, people won’t be glued to their televisions but rather, their televisions will be “glued” to them. Who knows how far this innovation will take us in our technology industry, but it has definitely opened some new doors for manufacturers.

As exciting and mind-blowing these innovations are, I would wait for this new technology to develop a little further. Any radically new technology needs time to really develop into something that is practical and can be used by a large percentage of consumers. Of course, if you are one that wants to show off cool new gadgets to your peers and doesn’t mind a trip to the bank, then you are welcome to experiment with this technology when it hits shelves. But if you are one that doesn’t like to buy a bunch of new electronics, then I would suggest waiting to see what this new buzz is really all about. With the possibilities that these flexible screens open up to producers and manufacturers, it might be wise to see what amazing things they can make as a result of this innovation. However, regardless of how well these screens do in our market, I’m definitely looking forward their release.